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Uganda the “Pearl of Africa”, 

Uganda is a country filled with national parks and game reserves with enticing promises of wildlife sightings. On an Uganda safari, you carve through the wilderness and witness an overwhelming intimacy with splendid flora and fauna the country has to offer. 



Why Travel To Uganda

Western Uganda is home to most of the country’s national parks and reserves, and is the best region to visit for wildlife. The standout highlight of this region is the gorilla tracking experience in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, in Uganda’s southwest corner.

The Wildlife of Uganda

There’s more wildlife to spot in the misty forests of the park, from nine other primate species, such as black-and-white colobus and l’Hoest monkeys, as well as forest duikers, elusive forest elephants and more than 200 butterfly species.

Kibale Forest Reserve is also a primate haven – with 13 resident species, it boasts the largest concentration of primates in the country and the biggest diversity of primates of any East African reserve.

Tour and Safaris

Your journey at a glance
Nicknamed the “Pearl of Africa,” Uganda shines with stunning greenery, deep lakes, soaring mountains and perhaps the greatest natural treasure of all – half of the world’s last remaining mountain gorilla population.

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