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Climb the mountain so you can see the world

Climbing the Roof of Africa , Mount Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru Mt. Kenya & others.
East Africa offers endless opportunities for highland trekking and mountain climbing, from gentle hill walks to trekking . East Africa is a very ideal safari destination for all travellers interested in taking on Hiking/ Mountaineering Adventures on holiday tour. The Mountains around the region have so many experiences to offer to all with beautiful green Rain Forests, Shimmering Glaciers, Bamboo Vegetation zones that you can spot on your way through to the top of these majestic platforms.

Mt. Kiliamanjaro

Why Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
Not only is Kilimanjaro the highest peak in Africa, reaching an elevation of 5,895 m (19,340 ft) above sea level, but it is also the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, a long-dormant volcano that towers almost 5 km (3 mi) above the hot and dusty ash-strewn plains from which it rises.

Kilimanjaro is highly attractive to hikers for being the highest mountain anywhere in the world that can be ascended by ordinary tourists without specialized mountaineering experience or equipment – an accomplishment that requires a fair level of fitness, some determination, at least five days, and reasonably deep wallets.

Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes
Several different routes can be used to ascend and descend Mount Kilimanjaro. All have their advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice for any given individual depends largely on their priorities.

Mt. Meru

Why  Climb Mt. Meru
Climbing Mount Meru is a great and rewarding experience. You will experience amazing views of the crater, distant views of Kilimanjaro from the summit, see a lot of wildlife on the lower slopes (like walking safari) and it is for sure a beatiful experience in Africa!

Mt. Meru Trekking Route
The peak can be ascended in 4 days on the Momela Route, which is the only way up to the summit. You don’t need any technical equipment for the climb but you will need to be prepared for the altitude gain.

The best thing you can do is to take your time for proper acclimatisation and it is often used as a practice before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The best time to trek is June – October and December – February.

Mt. Kenya

Why Climb Mt. Kenya

Trekking and climbing Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa, you will absolutely enjoy the beauty of alpine vegetation the whole way and see one of the greatest views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Kenya coast from the peak.

Mount Kenya is not just a single peak; it is a massif consisting of a multitude spires, cliffs, complex ridges and peaks. The main summits are the twins Batian and Nelion, and these can only be reached by means of technical climbing via a variety of rock or ice routes. The third highest peak, Point Lenana, is a popular destination for trekking parties. 

Mt. Kenya Climbing Routes
The Sirimon route is the least used of the three main routes, but features the most gradual ascent profile and best acclimatization options. The route passes through impressive Yellowwood forests in the lower reaches and features abundant wildlife and beautiful alpine scenery higher up. 

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