East Ffrican finest - Day 6: Kakamega to Kisumu

Day 6: Kakamega to Kisumu
Early morning birding in the Kakamega forest with the resident bird guide.

Bird life in Kakamega Forest is incredible, and includes the Great Blue and Black-billed Turacos, Grey Parrot, (the forest has about 18 pairs of grey Parrots) the only remaining population in Kenya, Yellow-billed, Grey-throated, Yellow-spotted and Hairy-breasted Barbets, several Woodpeckers, Scaly-throated and Thick-billed Honeyguides, Turner’s Eremomela, Banded and White-chinned Prinias, Blue and Dusky Crested Flycatchers, Chapin’s Flycatcher, several Greenbuls and Illadopsises, Yellowbill, Bar-tailed Trogons. Kakamega is also home to the Potto, the slowest mammal on earth as well as the endangered DeBrazza monkey.

You will return to Rondo Retreat for lunch following which you will be transferred to Kisumu on Lake Victoria arriving late afternoon. If time permits a chance to do some birding around the swamps in Kisumu where you can expect to spot a number of Lake Victoria specialities at ‘Hippo Point’ to include; Wing-snapping Cisticola, Black-headed and Papyrus Gonoleks, Carruther’s Cisticola, Swamp Flycatcher, Papyrus and Yellow-fronted Canaries, Black-billed Barbet, White-browed and Blue-headed Coucal, Greater Swamp Warbler and many more depending on luck.
Overnight at the The Imperial Hotel Kisumu on Full board basis.
The Imperial Hotel, Kisumu.