Ilkiding a cultural programmes tour

Specialty Category: Providing you a chance to learn Maasai culture.

Ilkiding’a is one of six villages of Ilkiding’a ward in Arusha district council of Arumeru district in Arusha region. Ilkiding’a is a Maasai word which means congested. (It can be a group of people houses, cars or trees).

It was initiated two hundred years ago by our elders, because of moving from one place to another and living communal life. Ilkiding’a area was a forest and full of wild animals so the Maasai leader those days called masarie advised his people to live together for the aim of protecting themselves from wild animals. This act of living together resulted to other Maasai people calling this group “Iltung’ana looiding’a” which means over crowded/congested. Finally it was common for the area to be called Ilkiding’a.

Full day tour

In this tour you start at Eliakimu house which has been selected to be a reception for tourist who visiting this village, and you can walk to Sembeo’s household where several traditionally built, round house give you an idea of how an extended family lives together. The view of the Ngarenaro valley and Leleto hill is beautiful and the presence of Mount Meru makes it unique. Sembeo will show you how they make knives and will explain how he runs his business.

Pickup from your hotel by our driver, and drive to Ilkiding’a. This will take 30-45minutes.
Visit Eliakimu house where you will be briefed about your tour.
Cross the Ngarenaro River, walk through the fields in the direction of the forest reserve of Mount Meru national Park and start climbing Leleto hill. From here you have a view on Arusha town, the Maasai steppe and its volcanoes. At Eliakimu’s house the Mainyoito women’s group is waiting for you with a traditional meal.
Visit to Orpul, where you will witness how maasi SLAUGHTER GOAT and you will participate on roasting meat and we will eat together. During this time Eliakimu will explain the meaning of Orpul.
You will digest your food with Maasai dance
Finally we will walk to the waterfalls.

End of the tour.

This tour expected to take 8-10hrs. Other part might be eliminated or added.

Traveler’s code
The natural environment is precious. The villagers asking visitors not to leave litter on their journey. Always take rubbish back to your starting point or to place the guides will assign you. While swimming in our rivers don’t use soap, the water comes pure from the mountain and people living downhill are using this water for daily use. Our culture is also precious. Please respect the customs of the people so that tourism will not disturb our culture. Decent clothing and behavior is required. Ask your guides permission before you take photo, so that nobody will be offended.


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