Coffee hot lunch lake duluti forest hikes

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Arrive at TCTP. Center around 9:00am meet our local guide who will be waiting for you on your arrival, the guide will greet and show you the place to seat and relax while our staff saving you local prepared lemon grass and ginger tea with bites, while enjoying the traditional tea you will be briefed about the meru tribe their fascinating story about the past and how is the situation at present compared to the past.

After briefing you will have lecture about the methane gas that we produce from cows dung’s and how we use it for cooking and lighting to save our environment.

Then you will start hiking in our areas through the village this is the chance to interact with local people in the community, where you will share greetings and have some pictures with kids (ask permission before you take photos) at the same time heading into the coffee farm, here expect to learn about the origin of coffee, who discovered coffee, how, who and when coffee was brought to Tanzania then how to plant, harvest and process the coffee.

After learning then you will walk back to our center where you will process coffee dried beans locally and make a cup of coffee until you enjoy a cup of coffee that you made by your own hands.

Then you will have your hot lunch with our local guides after lunch then you will catch up your jeep and drive to Lake Duluti about 3kms from TCTP center, here expect to learn a lot about the legendry of the lake in connection to the meru tribe’s spirituals, while learning about trees, birds, reptiles and more stories about the lake and there also you will experience the people who use the place for their prayers and they believe that using the place God may hear them compared to the other places.

After the hike the local guide will show you a grocery located near the lake and if you wish to have a bottle of water or other drink then this is a good place near the lake,

Then catch up your jeep/car and drive back to your hotel.

End of the programs.


With hot lunch=US$ 100.pp

Without lunch=US$ 85. PP

It includes:

• Vehicle for transfer to and from the Hotel (Naaz hotel)
• Local guide,
• Driver for transfer
• Tour as detailed above